AGE: Applicants must be twenty-one (21) years of age or older. If the applicant is eighteen (18), the applicant may be approved with a co-signer.

EMPLOYMENT & INCOME: The combined monthly gross income for all applicants is three time the amount of the rent. If income source is from employment, applicants must have at least six months continuous, verifiable job history.  If applicant receives a fixed monthly income (example social security) 20% may be added for taxes. Applicant must also provide their most recent thirty (30) days paystubs. If applicant(s) do not meet this criteria, approval may be granted with an approved co-signer.

RENTAL HISTORY: Three years of previous rental & housing history will be verified. Management will obtain written or telephone confirmations from past landlords stating that applicants pay their rent on time and do no currently have a past due balance. In addition, management will verify that the current lease has expired, or will expire, prior to the move-in date, or if the applicant is still liable for future rent payments.  Moreover, management will inquire as to the applicant’s standing with their current/previous landlord. Any applicant, at any time, that owes an apartment community, has been evicted, or has been asked to leave from a previous residence without the possibility of returning as a leaseholder due to violation of their lease agreement, will be charged an increased security deposit, asked to register with a direct deposit payroll program and/or be denied.

CREDIT CHECK: A credit history will be ran on all applicants. Management views credit history on a case by case basis and verifies credit through the services of Screening Reports.  Any applicant having a credit score below 550, will be charged an additional security deposit. Any applicant having a credit score below 500 will be denied. Applicants currently in a bankruptcy (no discharged) or having utilities in collection, will be charged an increased security deposit, asked to register in our direct from payroll program, and/or pay last month’s rent up front and/or be denied.  

INCREASE SECURITY DEPOSIT:  If an applicant is unable to obtain approval through credit, they may be able to get approved through the help of a co-signer.  A co-signer must prove that they gross at least 3 times the monthly rent plus the rent/mortgage that they pay where they live.  By paying an increased security deposit, an applicant would fall under a “conditional approval” and may be placed under a probationary period.   
PHOTO ID AND SOCIAL SECURITY CARD: A state issued photo ID is required from each applicant.  

CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK: Management will run a criminal back-round check upon receiving a completed application and consideration.  All persons with felony convictions within the last 7 years, violent felony convictions and/or some misdemeanors will be denied. By signing this application addendum,  applicant understands and agrees that Shiloh Commons Apartments reserves the right to update criminal background information at any time during applicant’s residency, whether during the initial Lease term or any renewals subsequent thereto.

PETS: Two pets are permitted within the following guidelines:
1. Pet deposit of $200 (half refundable), plus $20 monthly is due per pet.
2. Weight limit 60 pounds at full maturity.
3. Management reserves the right to restrict any pet it considers to be an aggressive breed.
4. Vet records showing current shots, proof of being spaded, breed and weight as well as pet’s picture must be turned in before applicant can move in.